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Benidorm property management services

Are you looking to earn money from your property in Benidorm with peace of mind? We will look after it better than anyone else.

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Book your Holibobs is a full service Benidorm property management company. We are a very dedicated team of 15, who manage and market holiday rentals in Benidorm and the surrounding areas.

"Last year we hosted more than 5,000 guests"

Today we manage more than 50 holiday rental properties in Benidorm and we will double our size by 2021, becoming the biggest local holiday rentals and holiday property management company in Benidorm.

We will take superb care of your investment and offer you a better return than you ever thought possible.


Self management may seem tempting at first, but it comes with plenty of hidden costs and requires a huge amount of your time. If you really want to be successful as a landlord, you need to handle all the following aspects of your holiday property:

✓ Marketing
✓ Booking Management
✓ Managing Online Reviews
✓ Photography and copywriting
✓ Interior Design and Decoration

✓ Property law
✓ Housekeeping, laundry and cleaning
✓ Payments & taxes
✓ Business plan
✓ Responding to guest enquiries

✓ Handling guest issues and solving their problems day and night
✓ Check-in & Check out
✓ Repairs and maintenance


Why choose us to let your property

Earn more

Earn at least 32% more money with short rentals, with Benidorm property management services, than with long term rentals and without the risk of a defaulter tenant.

Multi-channel marketing

We have a team specialized in online marketing with qualified management, creating a specific business plan for each property to have the best positioning and profitability. We have more than 10.000 followers on our collective group on Facebook and we are also owners of Benidorm's British Gazette Newspaper and 90.1 The Dorm FM Radio, giving us the power to reach potential customers like no other agency.


We work pretty much like a hotel. We use a channel management software which synchronizes our properties and feeds them to more than 50-holiday rental portals and a virtual payment platform that help us to have higher occupancy rates. Our website and booking platform get bookings 24h/7 days a week.


Managing multiple calendars, synchronizing availability instantly, updating content and providing transparency to our landlords, you will always know if we have guests staying in your property and how much we are charging that guest.


Dedicated team specialized in payment management, holiday rentals zonings law and business licenses offering a great efficiency on the billing process asking for passports, logging credit card details to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.


Our guest relations team offers high quality & personalized service to our guests, down to the smallest details, with 24/7 support.


Our dedicated team of conscientious and trustworthy people ensure the security, cleanliness and maintenance of your Spanish home.


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